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You will need to enter your username and temporary password to access your patient portal account. If you need help with your username and/or temporary password, please contact at the office at 330.602.8833 or email

Patient Portal Instructions
The first time you access the Patient Portal, a pop-up dialog box will require you to create a new password and enter your PIN:
a. To change your password, enter the Temporary Password given to you by the office. Then, enter a new Password of your own choosing that uses at least 6 alphabetic and/or numeric characters.
Enter the new Password again in the Confirmation field and click Change Password.
b. The next screen will require you to enter your PIN in the PIN Number field, then click Continue. The 4 digit PIN was given to you by the office.

Your browser will be redirected to the Portal’s Online Resources page. At this point, you have completed the creation of your Patient Portal account!

You may use the Patient Portal to complete visit forms, view your health information, download it to another location and send it to another provider.
Note: If you find any information to be inaccurate or incomplete, it is important that you promptly notify us at the 330.602.8833.

To Complete Visit Forms
1. Submit health information by clicking the Complete Visit Forms link.
2. Follow the instructions and click the Completed button at the end of each section.
3. Once all sections have been completed, click to check the box next to I Understand and Agree with the Above Statement and click the Submit button.

Viewing Your Health Record
1. In the navigation bar on the left side of the window, click My Patient Page.
2. In the Personal Health Record section, click Health Record. Your health information will display.

Print, Download or Transmit Your Health Record
• To PRINT your Health Record, click the Print This Page button in the action bar. Your browser’s Print dialog box will open, from which you may direct it to print the information to the device you select.
• To DOWNLOAD the information from the Patient Portal to a local device, click the Save to Local Storage button in the action bar. Your system’s Save As… dialog box will open, where you may direct it to save the data to a local hard drive, flash memory, etc.
• To TRANSMIT your Health Record to a provider at another practice, first obtain the recipient’s Direct Email Address. Click the Direct Message button in the action bar. Enter the provider’s Direct Message email address in the Direct Message to Address field. Click the Send Direct Message button.

About Transmitting Messages to Other Providers:
Direct Messages are not compatible with external email systems, such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, etc. Therefore, to send your Health Record to another provider through the Patient Portal, you must first contact them and obtain their “Direct Email Address”.

IMPORTANT: Downloading or saving your health information over a public network or shared device may impact the confidentiality of your healthcare information. Please take appropriate precautions to safeguard your data.

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