Hearing Treatment Dover, OH
The most common causes of hearing loss that we see in our practice are aging (degeneration of inner workings of the ear) and exposure to loud noises. Our audiologist and Dr. Hartman work together to diagnose hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear). This collaboration affords the patient a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to their individual needs. Diagnostic tools include:
  • Pure-Tone Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Tests of the Middle Ear
  • VNG or videonystagmography to help you understand why you have balance problems or are dizzy

We offer the latest hearing aids as well as assistive listening devices for TV, phone, and Bluetooth. We can also create custom earplugs for noise protection or swimming.

Hearing Loss Health Risks | Hearing Treatment Dover, OH

We are attentive to the health risks of hearing loss throughout life. Hearing loss not only affects those who cannot hear but also their friends and family. It can be incredibly frustrating straining to hear what others are saying and can lead to isolation and depression as it seems impossible to participate in conversations. Friends and family may grow weary of raising their voice to communicate with their loved ones. This further leads to social isolation and loneliness for the individual with hearing loss.

According to a recent study “Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission”, hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia. In this study, twelve modifiable risk factors for dementia were identified. That means that with behavioral/health changes, the individual can actively decrease their risk of getting dementia. The study showed that treating hearing loss in midlife with hearing aids has the largest impact on decreasing the risk of dementia. In other words, hearing aid use was the largest factor in protecting against cognitive decline. Not being able to hear likely decreases cognitive stimulation, thus leading to cognitive decline.

Another risk posed by hearing loss is accidental falls. Even a mild degree of hearing loss triples the risk of an accidental fall. This risk increases by 140 percent for every additional 10 decibels of hearing loss.

We are committed to your overall health. Your hearing health is an integral part of your overall health, and we are eager to help you hear what you have been missing.

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